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F**k SPGs!Edit

Sarong Party Girls (also known as SPGs) are Asian women who exclusively date and prefer white men.

The topic of the FSPGs wiki... well, use your imagination.

The term SPG originated in Singapore and Malaysia, where the sarong is a wrap-around 'skirt' that was once the outfit of choice (paired with a bikini/tank-top) for SPGs on the prowl. Modern SPGs have since changed their attire, but have maintained their submission to white oppression even in the absence of one-time imperialism.

SPGism is generally considered a variant of Pinkerton Syndrome: the tendency of some Asians to consider Caucasians superior, and to be biased in favor of Caucasions over Asians (so named for the character of Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton in Puccini's opera Madame Butterfly.

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